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Hageland is named in honor of  the Belgian region of it’s origin  of East Brussels in the rolling countryside.  Within this hallowed region in Tienen, Hageland was conceived by Chocolatiers with decades of experience.  We began by crafting custom milk, dark and extra dark formulations derived secret blends of beans grown in multiple countries and conditions.  This ensures consistent quality year in and year out.  We modify and recreate these blends each year depending on climate conditions such as heat, drought or excess rainfall. 

The primary source of our beans is Tanzania, on the Eastern Coast of Africa.  Long known for it’s excellent growing conditions, Tanzania is also a country of need.  This is why we founded our Cocoa For Schools program in 2010.  At first a seemingly insurmountable endeavor, it has grown to include more than school construction and renovation in small towns.  Thanks to our customers it has grown into a movement that changes lives in the moment as well as future.  

Since our new factory build in 2008, we have continued to improve our methods and equipment to ensure consistent quality and the lowest prices to you. 


Made in Belgium, Imported for You

Click below for a video tour of our facility and vast capabilities.   Learn more about our Cocoa for Schools program.

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